EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation | Review


When I searched for reviews for this foundation I saw such mixed opinions. People either loved it or hated it. So I decided to try it and… I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION! It’s one of the best foundations I’ve ever used. EX1 is not as recognised as other brands but it definitely should be. I have olive skin and this line of foundation is generally designed for olive skin tones. I’m not really sure how the lighter shades would look but from what I heard NikkieTutorials said it’s one of her favourites. I have the shade F300 and it suits my skin tone perfectly! The packaging is slim and not heavy at all. The formula is really silky and smooth. I usually apply it with a beauty blender, it gives full coverage and it feels like I have nothing on! It easily builds up but doesn’t leave me looking caky. Even though I don’t usually go for foundations with orange undertones, this is an exception for sure. My T-zone is oily but the rest of my face is pretty dry. When I wear this foundation, it usually comes off my oily areas in the first 5-6 hours but I recently started concealing/baking those areas and it hasn’t been a problem since. It usually stays set on the rest of my face for the whole day. What’s even better? It’s not pricey whatsoever. It’s only available in a few shops in London, otherwise you’ve got to get it online – which I had to do. Overall, I really do recommend this foundation to people with olive skin and from what I’ve heard it does work pretty well for other skin tones as well.

If you’ve tried this foundation out let me know what you’ve thought about it!x

BUY: http://ex1cosmetics.com/find-a-store/

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